Content Management System


Content management system (CMS) components developed by Web Studios through over a decade in business will provide your site with cost-effective yet highly-reliable solution customized to support the unique business logic of your website.

We offer CMS that grows with your website functionality and traffic requirements.

WebManager Components

Each component has two sides to it -- Front End and Back End.

The Front End represents a particular function, while the Back End represents the management of that function by the site manager or administrator. The application providing the interface for the administrator to access all management functions is called WebManager™.

With WebManager™, you can easily access the site database of users and documents, upload new information, modify or delete existing information, and manage all functional components of your web application.

Development Project Lifecycle

Development Project Lifecycle

Our creative development process enables our professionals to formulate and suggest multiple solutions for enlarging the entire scope and size of your company as well as your target audience.

Design Creatives

Designing Your Brand & Website

We will offer multiple creative solutions and comprehensive brand definitions. These valuable services not only define your brand's colors or fonts but also help you identify your true audience, isolate your core strengths, delineate and communicate your key message.


Installation of functional web components and custom programming

Upon creative approval, our developers complete the actual web graphics creation, Java and cascading style sheets programming and coding of the future website. Work-in-progress is available for viewing 24/7 during this time.

Content Posting & Launch

Content Posting & Launch

Our designers will work on your content to make it interesting and engaging before posting it on the newly developed website. We will conduct quality assurance, debugging, code integrity verification, proofing, and minor revisions before launch.

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