Search Engine Optimization

Since the dawn of the Internet marketing we have helped our clients to achieve high rankings in search engines.

Search Engine Indexing Search Directories Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Indexing

Search Engines use their own complex algorithms to rank Web sites and no two Search Engines will rank the same Web page in the same way.

Web Studios works hard to see that your Web site achieves high rankings across all of the Major Search Engines. Our Marketing staff thinks like your target market(s). What words and phrases might they type in when searching for the services that you offer? We research your competition's use of keywords for Search Engine placement and apply the knowledge acquired to help you gain an advantage.

Search Directories

Search Directories are different than Search Engines in that they use editors (actual people) to review your Web site submission.

Web Studios will give you appropriate guidance on how to approach listing with its directories. We first carefully select potential categories for submission Next we craft a well written, concise title and description that includes your most important keywords and phrases.

Web Studios Marketing staff includes volunteer editors for Wikipedia, Go/Infoseek, Open Directory, and Snap. The resulting editorial privileges allow Web Studios to insure that our clients are included in these Directories in a timely and effective manner.

49% of web site visitors are new visits
51% are returning members

‘Some results were to be expected. Others surprised us. From these statistics we’ve come to the conclusion that the convergence of technology, social media, and design/user experience create a healthy web presence...’

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

With 24 years of SEO experience Web Studios will also employ a number of Advanced Search Engine Placement Techniques when appropriate for our clients.

We deploy a multi-stage programming and search engine submission in order for your web site to gain top position in the search result list returned to user according to your keywords and key phrases.

In addition, we will provide using other tools to achieve your high-ranking goals:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Networks Applications & Integration
  • Internet PR & Branding

SEO still dominates for marketers, with both B2B (57%) and B2C (41%) businesses stating it makes the biggest impact on their lead generation goals.

43% of all online consumers are social media fans or followers through the social media sites.

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